Who we are

Who we are

International Veterinary Care, Inc. is a donation based non-profit organization that provides medical/veterinary supplies to animal rescues and sanctuaries in the USA and internationally. In the human medical field, there is a large amount of medical waste. Many of these items are still usable and are in perfect condition. These items are donated to us and are enthusiastically accepted by many animal facilities where they are so desperately needed. Collecting these items is also reducing our carbon foot print on the environment by reducing the large amount of medical waste that goes into the landfills.

No item or donation is too large or too small, too old or too used.

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International Veterinary Care, Inc is always willing to take used equipment and can probably find a use for just about anything that you were going to throw away or things that have been taking up room in storage.

Please contact us if you have something you wish to donate !!! We may be able to help cover shipping costs as well.

We also accept monetary donations that are used to pay for shipping our donation supplies to recipient organizations, storage, and receiving as well as to help with picking up from those that donate and need us to pick.