About Us

About Us

Providing Veterinary Health Care Supplies World-Wide

International Veterinary Care, Inc provides medical and veterinary supplies to a number of non-profit animal facilities both in the US and internationally. We are focused on improving animal health and welfare around the globe.

We distribute worldwide to veterinarians and animal care takers that are working for and with non-profit or non-government organizations to improve animal health and welfare worldwide.

The USA produces millions of tons of medical waste each year. Veterinarians here in the US have access to all the state of the art equipment and supplies in both the medical and veterinary field, but not every country in the world has this ability. Many countries have just technology that is 20 or more years old.

We try to bridge that gap between the most recent updated equipment and old antiquated equipment or having no equipment at all. By providing these essential supplies, we help to improve animal health and welfare around the globe as well as decrease the waste that goes into the landfills each day.

If you are involved in a non-profit animal facility and you would like to be a recipient of medical and veterinary supply, please contact us at internationalvetcare@gmail.com

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List of Our Recipient Organizations

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary http://www.blackpine.org/

Merazonia http://www.merazonia.org/

Care For Wild, Africa http://careforwild.co.za/

Born Free, USA http://www.bornfreeusa.org/

International Bird Rescue http://www.bird-rescue.org/

Humane Society of SJ County http://www.humanesocietystjc.org/

Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center http://www.mrwildliferehab.org/

Elkhart Feral Cat Coalition http://www.elkhartferalcats.org/Pages/default.aspx

The Big Fix Uganda http://thebigfixuganda.org/index.html

AWARE Trust http://www.awaretrust.org/

Soi Dog Foundation https://www.soidog.org/

PASA Primates http://www.pasaprimates.org/

If you would like to join our list of recepant organizations, please contact us at internationalvetcare@gmail.com