Care For Wild, Africa......3 weeks to go!!!!!

In just three short weeks, IVC will be traveling to South Africa to bring Care For Wild, Africa a suitcase full of donations as well as work at the the sanctuary for a few weeks. We could not be more excited about helping this amazing facility and proving them with supplies to help Petronel and her staff/volunteers care for these orphaned baby rhinos as well as many other animals they rehab and release back into the wild.

Donations Care For Wild, Africa is instrumental is the rehab and hand rearing of orphaned rhino babies. This young traumatized animals come to Care For Wild, Africa after being a witness to their own mothers death by the hands of poachers. They are scared, sad and many time injured and need someone to care for them. This is a horrible problem in South Africa and many other parts of Africa. The rhino population is in great trouble and Care For Wild is play a vital role in helping this species.

Here is a great video of why we are going to their amazing facility on the other side of the world. Please watch this video along with the other episodes and learn how you to can help in the fight against Rhino Poaching.