Our Amazing Trip To South Africa!!!

Our Amazing Trip To South Africa!!!

Our trip to South Africa was nothing short of amazing. The Care For Wild Africa sanctuary was an wonderful place for all the animals to be at. This sanctuary is located deep in the African bush away from traffic and noises where they can focus on healing. The staff cared for these animal with such love and respect and true devotion. The staff works long hard hours in the hot sun to provide these animal with the care they need to give them the best chances to be released into the wild. All the volunteers am staff are dedicated to improve the lives of animals and it truly showed in everything they did. Waking up at 6am to make botttles and work till the last bottle feeding at 9:30pm.

While for the short 10 days we were there, we cared for young rhinos, baby jackal, baby red duiker, many wood owls, 2 baby blue vervet monkeys and even two young hippos among many others. I can't say enough about the rhinos and their sweet behaviors. Each animals that was there had their own sad story from moms being killed by poachers to being orphaned after wildfires. These animals handle these tragedies with strength and courage. We should learn from them.

We brought this greatly deserving organization a huge suitcase full of veterinary supplies include a brand new Welch Allyn pulse oximetry. Other items were calf bottles from Nasco Farm and Ranch bandage supplies, medications and so much more.

Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors:

Welch Allyn
Nasco Farm and Ranch
Andover Medical
Binder Park Zoo
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
Five Guys Burgers
Ten Thousand Villages

Here are just a few of the photos from our adventure. You will post more soon.

baby rhino the group black rhino bottle feeding donations